Welcome to data.dconc.gov!

We will be adding more data feeds depending on the feedback we receive from the community. 

Below is a list of current data feeds:

Active Restaurant Data (json) (geojson) (csv)
Inspection Data (json) (csv)
Violation Data (json) (csv)
Inactive Resturants (json) (csv) (geojson)



Query string documentation

Paging and return limit:
count=<Number of records returned>  Defaults to 1000
page=<page in the data set to return>

Return Format
format=csv     (returns csv format)
format=json     (returns json format)
format=geojson     (returns geojson format)

Both the geojson and json formast support "jsonp" style callbacks.
callback=<Call back name>      (places   CallbackName( ... )  around the returned data)

Return Specific Columns
columns=[Any column],[Any column],[Any column]...
columns=all   (Show all columns)

Query Columns:
[Any column]__gt = <any value>   (greater than)
[Any column]__gte=<any value>   (greater than or equal to)
[Any column]__lt=<any value>   (less than )
[Any column]__lte=<any value>   (less than or equal to)

[Any column]__range=<any value start>,<any value high>   (between 2 given values)

[Any column]__startswith=<Any column>    (String column starts with)
[Any column]__endswith=<Any column>    (String column end with)
[Any column]__contains=<Any column>    (String column contains the parameter)

Or queries:
|[Any column]=<any value>
place a pipe befor any quey to make it an OR:

All AND/OR statements are are grouped together. in SQL terms that mean it will select like :
Select ... where (status = 'active') AND ( Premise_Name  = '%MC' OR Premise_Name = '%taco' )

Not queries:
![Any column]=<any value>
place an excaimation to make it not (can be combined with Or):


Sort Return
sort=[Any column]
sort=+[Any column]             (Sort Ascending)
sort=-[Any column]             (Sort Descending)

Sort by premise name, all resturants between the latitude points: 36.009413,36.010615 return in csv format 

Show only the columns:Premise_name,premise_address1,lat,lon where the premis name starts with MC or taco and the status is active

You can test out simple queries of the resturant data using the GeoJson tester at:

Please be sure to include: "format=geojson" in the url you paste there.

For an example implementation viewer for live resturant data see: